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My Very First Blog!


Hey y'all!

Christy League here. This is my first time blogging, and my friend says I have to introduce myself. For those who don't already know me, I grew up in Huntsville and have lived here all my life.  I love the South, especially Athens! I have a Bachelors degree from Athens State University, worked in Athens for almost a decade, and that is where I met my husband Joel. It definitely has a special place in my heart. Most importantly, I am a mom of two growing boys, a Rottweiler and a Westie. We have lots of adventures together, and I will share some of them in my blog.

I consider myself a "Super Realtor"! What does this mean??  It means I get at least 100 calls and twice that many text messages daily.  Stressful? Yes! But that is where my super power comes in! I try to put myself in the shoes of the buyer or seller, and treat them the way that I want to be treated.  Sounds simple, but our society seems to have forgotten this principle. That is why I wanted to be a Realtor.  I enjoy helping families, and I believe the way to do this is to educate buyers and sellers on the buying / selling process. The more you know, the easier my job is, and the better I like it. Selling houses is simple, and anyone can turn a key, but I believe that in the South things should be a little more personal. My customers are like family.

Everyone thinks that real estate is a glamorous sleep-till-noon never-break-a-sweat kind of job, and that Realtors wear their high heels to drive their BMWs to the next mansion they are showing. I know that is really not the case. It's a 24/7, high intensity roller coaster that sometime requires work boots, 4-wheel-drive vehicles, ghost busters, and exterminators to get the job done. I can't wait to share some of my stories about hedgehogs in bathtubs, circular staircases installed with a chainsaw and a prayer, attack squirrels, and homemade swimming pools. And all of this is just a day's work in the life of a Realtor.

One other thing that this Southern girl feels strongly about is being the best at what she does. So the only real estate company I considered working for was the one that sells the most around the world and has shown me they are the best. I knew I had made it as a Realtor when I stepped off the plane in the Bahamas and my son said "Look mom, your sign is here!" when he saw the Remax balloon in the airport. 

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